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FNC-29: The Snowblind Edition

November 18th, 2015 by Jim Coudal


You know how when you turn your face up into the bright sunlight, even on the coldest winter day, it can totally lift your mood? Well, that’s what our latest seasonal release is all about. Our 29th limited-edition is The Snowblind Edition. The Memo Books are coated with a nearly-magical “Photochromic” ink that changes color when exposed to direct sunlight. Indoors, they’re white, outdoors they’re blue! They’re available in 3-Packs and via a year-long subscription right now.

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Free Shipping in the USA

November 18th, 2015 by Jim Coudal


USA customers, spend $50 or more and your shipping is now free. This includes COLORS Subscriptions!


Watch Us Fall: New COLORS

November 12th, 2015 by Bryan Bedell


Our 28th COLORS edition is now available! Shenandoah pays tribute to Virginia’s astounding national park. Three custom-duplexed green books; “Sweet Birch,” “Chestnut Oak,” and “Red Maple” open to reveal the trees’ fall vibrant fall colors inside, with 48 pages of graph paper, some tree facts, and a lovely birch bellyband. Find out more here, including our film tribute to Shenandoah National Park. Like all COLORS they’re limited, so order now, and consider subscribing to our COLORS series.

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November 10th, 2015 by Bryan Bedell


Our dear friends at Hamilton Wood Type and Printing Museum invited us up for their annual Wayzgoose Type Conference last weekend. We worked with the museum to produce our Spring 2015 “Two Rivers” edition and we couldn’t love them more, so we took advantage of the chance to visit again. It was sad to see the now-empty space where a large share of America’s wood type was manufactured, but it was great to see the museum packed to the gills with hundreds of printers, designers, historians, and typographers in town for the festivities. We had a great time catching up with old friends, making new ones, enjoying great presentations from the likes of Steven Heller, Marian Bantjes, and Dan Rhatigan, and eating all the fried cheese curds we could find. Thanks again to Jim, Stephanie, Bill, Mari, and Tootsie, can’t wait to see you all again soon! The Two Rivers edition is gone, but we still encourage you to visit and support the Museum whenever you can, they’re amazing people doing important work.

(above, left to right: Matt Jorgensen, Bryan Bedell, and Shea Cahill of Field Notes Brand with Jim Moran and Stephanie Carpenter of Hamilton Wood Type and Printing Museum at Wayzgoose 2015)

Field Notes In Action:

Gibbons, Pottos, Gorillas, and Orangutans

October 22nd, 2015 by Dawson


Earlier this summer, twenty folks from the Primate Conservation MSc Cohort at Oxford Brookes University trekked through damp jungles around the world to conduct original research projects with an aim of preserving wild populations of primates. Naturally, our waterproof FIELD NOTES Expedition Edition went along for the ride.


The group’s research includes analyzing gibbon vocalizations, surveying wild populations of pottos in East Africa, and observing play behaviors of young orphaned orangutans in rehab centers in Indonesia.


Field Trip:

Park Life

September 15th, 2015 by Bryan Bedell

As if it’s not fun and rewarding enough to design and print notebooks, we also have a lot of fun photographing them and making the films that accompany each release. Sometimes it involves some ‘location work,’ and in the best cases that means getting to spend some quality time in the great outdoors. The film for Fire Spotter required a night camping in the Chequamegon-Nicolet National Forest in Wisconsin. Night Sky was two full all-nighters wide awake staring at stars in Great Basin National Park in Nevada. For the current Shenandoah edition, we spent three days and two nights at Shenandoah National Park in Virginia.

If it sounds like a lot of fun, it is! But filming on location is also a lot of hard work. We’re up and on location before sunrise, and head home after sunset. We must load and unload all our heavy gear and sometimes lug it all along through miles of trails. We’re always on the lookout for mountain lions, scorpions, and bears. And, ugh, the driving.

Luckily, this time, the drive was part of the appeal, and as usual, we shot way, WAY more footage than we used in the final film, so here’s a bonus clip. Shenandoah’s Skyline Drive is one of the most scenic roads in America, and while this short Hyperlapse from our dashboard really doesn’t do it justice (the view to the side is pretty majestic and it helps to stop and soak it in once in a while), it’ll give you the idea why it’s worth a visit.

Field News:

Downtime at HQ

August 18th, 2015 by Matthew Jorgensen

Occasionally (rarely) we have downtime here at Field Notes Midwest HQ. Sometimes we play foosball, sometimes we go out for ice cream sundaes. This time we made key improvements to our packing room chalk wall.

This video, of course, has absolutely nothing to do with anything, and especially nothing to do with our Colors Editions. We can neither confirm nor deny that we simply did this for fun, and for no other reason at all.

Music by Joseph Blanski at MossTapes.


Handy Around the House

August 15th, 2015 by Jim Coudal

Workshop Companion

Our Summer COLORS Edition, The Workshop Companion is going fast, these special limited-edition box sets are still available individually and by subscription. So you know, our Fall release is already in the works. For that one we’re employing a classic production process that we’ve never attempted before, to achieve a new, custom look.

Field Notes In Action:

Fighting Fires With Field Notes

August 11th, 2015 by Dawson


Jean Pierre sent in some photos from his recent trip as part of a 20 man wildland firefighting crew sent to battle fires near Ruby, Alaska. With our Expedition Edition by his side, Jean Pierre met up with the rest of his team in Denver. From there the group flew up to Seattle, picked up their line gear, then continued on to Anchorage where they boarded smaller prop planes for the final leg into Ruby.

In Ruby, we were tasked with maintaining and improving a “hand line” that was setup to protect native allotments, as well as cabins that were situated South-East of the town itself. We also laid 3,000 yards of trunkline hose and 1,200 yards of nozzle hose, to aid in our mopup operations. The inventory for the equipment used on this line was taken on yours-truly’s FIELD NOTES. When the time came to relinquish the list, it proved to be a challenge since the Yupo paper was tear proof. Eventually we had to use a knife and now, I’m missing a leaf (and it’s counterpart in my memo book!)


On the 5th day working the Bruno Creek fires, we were dispatched to help secure another line. This one was laid down hastily to protect the Atchley homestead / cabin, some 200 miles east of the town of Ruby, in what is considered Alaskan wilderness. Meaning the only way for us to get there, was by helicopter!

We were ferried in four groups of 5 with only part of our gear as the plan was to have us stay there 24 hours. On the third day, the rest of our gear was dropped in, along with various supplies, as it was clear we were staying there for the remainder of our assignment.

We ended up putting in close to a mile of handline that was sixty feet wide in some spots. Our sawyers were working from one full tank to another, only stopping to fill their chainsaws with premixed gasoline and bar oil. Meanwhile, we were swamping all the wood they were cutting into the “green,” also know as the other side of the handline, in relation to where the fire is coming from.

Heading out to the 64.67890 / -154.43654 – you can see the smoke plum from the fire-head in the background.

I took copious notes relating to my squad’s daily schedule… Inventorying gear, keeping count of break time vs work time, but more importantly, information about the fire weather (relative humidity, dry bulb and wet bulb temperatures, wind speed, etc.) – the latter are an indicator of the expected fire behavior in our vicinity as we had our lookout “sling weather” – a term referring to the act of rotating both the dry and wet bulb thermometers.

At one point, one of my colleagues got curious and wanted to know what kind of notebook I was writing on. When I handed him the note book, he turned to the last page and started reading from it. For some reason, we were so tired and sore from our 16 hour work day that we started laughing like a bunch of crazies. He read it out loud, with a hint of British nobility in his tone and that made it even funnier.


Much appreciation and admiration goes out to Jean Pierre and his comrades for all that they do. From photos and 60 second news clips it’s hard to grasp how much hard work, blood, and sweat goes into fighting these dangerous flames. After a brief and well-deserved break Jean Pierre is heading back out this week to take on some of the wildfires raging through Northern California.

Retail Additions:

Another Story

July 31st, 2015 by Dawson


Across the world from FIELD NOTES HQ, tucked away on the fourth floor of a gorgeous new mall in Bangkok, you’ll find Another Story. The shop just opened this spring and imports products with a story from around the world, as well as items from local Thai designers.

With a huge collection of clothing, antiques, art, home goods, jewelry, flowers, and a wide range of FIELD NOTES products, you’re guaranteed to find something special at Another Story. There’s even a cafe and bar which we hear is a great place to take a break, sip a glass of wine, and jot down some notes.